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Research Spotlight

The MBRN would like to highlight new and current research being undertaken by MBRN members.

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Research Spotlight: February 2022

Project: ‘Mapping Social Action by British Muslims’


Research Team

Dr Davide Pettinato, University of Exeter

Selma Bennehar, Consultant at Muslim Charities Forum

There has been a recent turn from British Muslim charities and organisations to support local and national causes in the United Kingdom. In the last year alone, MCF recorded over three hundred Muslim-led organisations responding to the coronavirus crisis on both a local and nation-wide scale.

Moreover, the latest research conducted by MCF in early 2021 suggests that there has been a shift in Muslim public opinion towards contributing Zakat (obligatory alms) equally between the UK and overseas causes. No-one yet has attempted to map this vital sector within the UK thus there is no accurate portrayal of the British Muslim charity sector and the impact it is having on UK civil society.

This research will for the first time capture crucial data on organisations that perform some form of social or welfare activity in the UK. Areas of social good provided by Muslim-led charities and community-interest companies may include education programs, youth initiatives, environmentalism, poverty relief and advocacy, to name a few. The data captured through research will be used to construct the hidden story of British Muslim charities and the range and scope of projects done for community benefit.

The research project is interested in finding charities and community groups founded or led by Muslims, but serve all those in need across the U.K, regardless of faith. Also, there is an emphasis to move beyond the typical locations of London and other Muslim-dense cities like Birmingham and Bradford to include less celebrated regions in Wales and Scotland, where the Muslim population may be smaller but the charitable work just as valuable. Alongside mapping the story and getting stories out from the ground, we will create an online directory that will showcase all mapped organisations.

If you work with a charity and community group founded or led by Muslims but serve all those in need across the U.K, regardless of faith, we would like to hear from you. Please contact Selma at resources@muslimcharitiesforum.org.uk

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